What are people saying about Tennessee Center for Reproductive Acupuncture?

B. C.: I have had two acupuncture treatments prior to IVF and both experiences were wonderful (and successful!). ...Sarah, is so sweet and takes her time to talk to you and make you comfortable. She also took the time to email me several times wishing me luck and congratulating me on positive pregnancy results. I am happy to highly recommend!!




S.H.: What a WONDERFUL, caring and attentive staff...and relaxing atmosphere....After learning that my husband and I could not have children naturally, we decided we would do everything within our power to increase our chances of conceiving through IVF. There is no doubt in my heart that acupuncture played a major role in conceiving on the VERY FIRST try! I received treatments throughout my entire pregnancy (pre-pregnancy as well) and it was very smooth, with VERY minimal "symptoms / side-effects". Our baby was born healthy, at 39 1/2 weeks and we went home a day early from the hospital! Sarah is so kind and was very aware of the sensitivity of our situation. We will definitely go back.




S.W.: I loved having worked with conjunction with other infertility treatments, I am happy to say we are now expecting twins summer of 2014. I had never had acupuncture but Sarah made it welcoming and it was never scary. She even remembers all of my doctor's appts and checks in the same day to see how they went - that's my favorite part! I know she has other patients to tend to but she takes time to care about me outside of my appt. time too!




BH: Can't say enough about Sarah ....I started treatment for loss of menstrual cycles and years of infertility. Within weeks of treatment I started having monthly cycles and just found out we are pregnant! We are overwhelmed with gratitude and thank the expertise, skill and kindness of this facility for their impact. I plan to continue treatments throughout my pregnancy and highly recommend to anyone trying to conceive. Thank you SO much for your support early on. We are loving being a family of 3 and your acupuncture and support following my miscarriage and through his nerve-wracking first trimester were a great foundation. MG




Thank you for everything. You were such an asset through these early stages. MS




You have been an incredible source of information, resources, support, and optimism these past 6 months, and I am deeply grateful. I feel so much more knowledgeable about and confident in my body now as a result. And you have been an ally on a journey that is often so difficult and also so private. I’ve appreciated that so much. SM




You are a major reason this dream of ours is now a reality! God bless! BD




I was soooooo relaxed and actually slept through the night for the first time since I have been on the prednisone. NC


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