Case Studies

IVF: Diminished Ovarian Reserve

A patient with diminished ovarian reserve came to us after several egg retrievals seeking acupuncture to support her current retrieval plans and upcoming embryo transfer.


We worked with this patient through multiple retrieval cycles and one failed transfer. After one final retrieval cycle that resulted in no genetically normal embryos, she decided to transfer their last frozen PGD tested embryo. Acupuncture combined with her IVF cycle resulted in implantation and a healthy pregnancy. She is currently awaiting the birth of her child!


• 3-month preconception acupuncture Retrieval cycle acupuncture

• Frozen IVF cycle acupuncture

• Pre and post embryo transfer acupuncture Prenatal wellness plan

IVF: Donor Egg and Recurrent Miscarriage

One of our long time patients with diminished ovarian reserve who had experienced years of infertility and several miscarriages, decided to pursue IVF with a donor egg. We began preconception acupuncture about three months before her expected transfer.


Once her cycle began, we transitioned into the frozen IVF transfer protocol.


Her transfer was successful and we are currently seeing her for prenatal acupuncture following our wellness plan.


• 3 month preconception acupuncture

• Frozen IVF cycle acupuncture

• Prenatal Wellness Plan

IVF: Male Factor Infertility History of Failed Cycles

We treated a patient who’s partner had severe male factor infertility throughout her retrieval and transfer cycles. We supported her after her first transfer was not successful.


When she was ready, we began preconception acupuncture for her second transfer, which was successful.


She gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby and we are currently using preconception acupuncture to prepare her for a retrieval in the coming months.


• Modified retrieval and transfer cycle protocol

• Prenatal Wellness Plan


IVF: Male Factor Infertility and Improvement in Embryo Quality

A patient whose husband has male factor infertility came to us to prepare for an IVF cycle following a failed IVF cycle. We began preconception acupuncture as she transitioned into care with a new clinic. She went from 4 day three embryos with none making it to day 5 to having 5 embryos at day 5 in her cycle with acupuncture. 3 of these came back PGD normal.


We then supported her through her transfer cycle which resulted in a healthy baby! She is currently in preconception acupuncture for an upcoming transfer to have her second child.


• 3 month preconception protocol

• Retrieval cycle acupuncture

• Transfer cycle acupuncture